Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book a room?
Our escorts are available for outcalls & incalls, to your place of residence or a hotel room. You have to provide the room at your own cost. Regular clients know that we are more then ready to book a room on their behalf. Please understand that is service is only extended to regulars who make consistent month-to-month bookings.

Will you send a girl who is clearly not the one seen in the photo?
We pride ourselves as one of Vietnam's leading escort agency, and we have our own in-house stylist and studio. All photos featured are 100% of the actual escort. If you have selected an escort who can't make the appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, we will inform you and will send a replacement only if you agree to it.

Are your escorts really Vietnamese girls?
Yes. 100% unless otherwise stated.

How long does it take for an escort to come to my location in central Hanoi or Saigon?
It depends. We features exclusive Vietnamese escorts and each has her own available timing. Please call to inquire. In general, most girls can make it within 30-45mins.

Can I request that the escort to be dressed something I like?
Sure. We love it when customers are clear about what they want. We only ask that you give your selected escort reasonable advanced notice so that she has better prepare herself to look her best for you.

What if I don't like what I see when she arrive?
Rejection fees is a small amount to cover for the escort travel expenses. Usually $10 will suffice. You may reject or cancel the booking within 5 mins after meeting the escort. Up to 20 mins, cancellation/rejection fees is 50% of the rate. Beyond that, full rate is applicable.

Can I meet the escort prior to decide if I like her?
All our pictures are recent and the profiles are accurate. We do this to ensure that you are able to make an informed choice before you proceed. As such, we can't offer a date prior to a booking and you would have to make your selection onsite.

Is tipping required?
Absolutely not. All rates are all inclusive (except for dinner / drinks dates which is just that -- dates) and if you would like to show your appreciation, it's welcome but not necessary. You may consider other gifts - our girls appreciate good chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or simple jewelry.

What if I really like the girl and want to see her more often?
We can help arrange long/short term patrons or sponsorship agreement to assure that you have exclusivity to the escort in questions. We are a professional agency and assure that the deal is water-tight and that we will not release her for other assignments when she is under your care.

Please Take Note:
My ladies expect their fee at the beginning of the meeting in cash inside an unsealed envelope. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please invite the lady to glance inside the envelope. To avoid any awkwardness and make this a speedy check, please use 50 or 100 dollars notes.

If you are a new client and intend to book with me for the first time from outside Vietnam, pls make a deposit via Western Union or Money Gram.

Independent Escorts & Direct Contacts:
If you are interested in booking a lady directly without agency, please contact an independent escort. The ladies choose us in order to avoid private contact prior to and after the date ~ just as you do. Please be a gentleman and do not bother my ladies with requests for their private number and/or mail address. Please be aware that my ladies will let me know of such occurrences.

If a lady prefers to arrange her own dates, she is free to quit our agency and advertise in the independent section (to be launch soon).

I formally declare that myself and my staff cannot be held responsible in any way for any kind of indiscretion which might arise from your private contacts to any of my escorts.

SMS / Email that I usually will not response to:
Please note that I do receive smses or emails that is rather counter productive to replied to. Let me explain:

~ Who's available now?
The fact of the matter is that I don't have any one sitting around waiting for appointments. My girls need time to get ready for you. Also, whoever that is available now may not be to your liking. It's always best to see the website and make your selections from there.

~ Now. District 1.
When asks of timing and location, the answer 'Now' and 'Sheraton Hotel' won't work. Nobody is ever available 'now'. Saigon or Hanoi may be small but it still takes time to go from point A to point B, depending where the points are.

~ What is your rate?
This won't work either, as the impression I get is that you are just asking. All rates, stats, photos are in site.

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